Pete Doherty News

May 22, 2011

Former frontman of The Libertines and current frontman of Babyshambles, eccentric poet and disputed musical genius, addict and police magnet, Pete Doherty, has started a six-month stint in jail for cocaine possession charges after pleading guilty in an east London court.

So what's new?

Grabbing tabloid headlines for his drug use - and abuse - has been Pete's thing since he and The Libertines jumped into

March 12, 2011

Pete Doherty is many things - drug addict, police magnet, talented musician and gifted poet. He is now also an actor.

While filming his debut film, "Confession of a Child of the Century," witnesses say they saw Doherty involved in the break-in of a record shop. A guitar and a record were stolen.

He was interviewed by police the city of Regensburg on Thursday.

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