Top 2012 Baseball WAGs

2012 MLB spring training has begun. Major League Baseball players have one of the longest schedules in all of sport, but with these fine ladies at home, coming home should never be a problem. 

There are nine positions on the diamond, and two leagues in the MLB, which means we've got 18 of the finest WAGs for your viewing pleasure. Without further hesitation, we give you the top 2012 WAGs of professional baseball players.


Catcher Russell Martin - Marikym Herviuex

This lovely is known for her acting chops, appearing in the TV series Entourage and Being Human. Russell is a lucky man.

First Base Mitch Moreland - Susannah Higgins (now Susannah Moreland)

You may have seen Mrs. Mitch Moreland competing in the Miss Alabama pageant and the Miss Teen Sweetheart pageant, as well. Mitch had a pretty good season last year, but this relationship takes the cake. 

Second Base Brian Roberts - Diana Roberts

Brian can scoop pretty well over there at second base, but his wife, Diana, is the dish to Brian's scoop. Just check out her FHM photo shoot (Google is pretty handy for that type of stuff).

Shortstop Derek Jeter - Minka Kelly

On again. Off again. At any rate, Yankee legend Derek Jeter did good on this one. 

Third Base Evan Longoria - Jaime Edmondson

Mr. Longoria, we're jealous. Anyone that can nab a Playboy Playmate that looks like this one deserves every man's respect.

Outfield Grady Sizemore - Brittany Binger 

Grady has been injured more often than not the past few seasons. Now we know why.

Outfield Nick Swisher - Joanna Garcia 

Leave it one of the biggest personalities in New York sports to land this Hollywood hottie. Too bad he's actually good; she might actually stick around.

Outfield Ben Zobrist - Juliana Zobrist 

Ben had a breakout season last year, and now his wife is the subject of much inquiry from men all over the country. Yum. 

Designated Hitter Alex Rodriguez - Torrie Wilson

A-Rod has been romantically linked to many, many women, but this could be Miss Torrie Wilson could be his best catch yet.


Catcher Matt Treanor - Misty May-Treanor

Misty May-Treanor is best known as Misty May -- one half of one of beach volleyball's most dominant two-women teams. They won a lot. Now Matt Treanor has won.

First base Ryan Howard - Krystle Campbell 

Ryan Howard suffered a ruptured tendon in the Phillies' last game last season, and with a prescription for bed rest and Krystle Campbell to bring him his soup and vitamins, Howard came out on top. 

Second Base Chase Utley - Jennifer Utley 

Chase certainly had it right by putting a ring on this lady.

Shortstop Ronny Cedeno - Aura Avila 

Ol' Ronny couldn't have picked a better one. Aura Avila is gorgeous, and she sells BEER! 

Third Base David Wright - Molly Beers 

They might not be together anymore, but David Wright lived up to his name in dating Molly Beers.

Outfield Ryan Braun - Larisa Frasier 

Postivie PED test? Pssh... Look at what Mr. Braun gets to go home to.

Outfield Mark Kotsay - Jamie Kotsay 

Mark Kotsay made his way to San Diego this offseason, bringing in tow his wife Jamie -- a gorgeous little number that is certain to light up the beaches in Califorinia this summer.

Outfield Laynce Nix - Brooke Sorenson Nix

Recognize that uniform? That's right -- it's a Dallas Cowboys cheerleading uniform. Well done, Laynce.

Pitcher Cole Hamels - Heidi Strobel

This is the third Phillies player to make this list. What's with Philadelphia players and hot WAGs? Anyway, Cole Hamels' addition to this list is among the best.

J. Kingston
Josh is a resident of Houston, Texas, but due to constant humidity and lack of public transportation, pretends he lives in Chicago like when he was a child.

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