Clippers' Blake Griffin Posterizes Thunder's Kendrick Perkins

The Oklahoma City Thunder may still hold the top spot in the Western Conference after Monday, but the Clippers walked away with a decisive win and a little bit of Kendrick Perkins' dignity. 

If you missed it, and you watch sports, you just need to turn on your TV for about a half second before you'll see Blake Griffin go dunkface all over Kendrick Perkins and the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

If you missed it, I'll break it down for you. Chris Paul dribbles to the top of the key and back doors a pass to a cutting Blake Griffin. Ol' Blake is known for his incredibly athletic dunks and general prowess on the court, but this dunk was particularly amazing. Upon catching the pass from Paul, Griffin jumped for a dunk and was met about halfway up by Oklahoma City's Kendrick Perkins. Rather than going through the normal progression of a dunk (parabola for all you math people), Griffin was pushed straight up, forcing him to have to extend his arms toward the basket - from about two feet away. 

Then he actually made the dunk. 

Sports fans may remember when Blake Griffin did Timofey Mozgov in a similar fashion last season. Well, this dunk lit up Twitter more than a Kim Kardashian Super Bowl commercial

LeBron James tweeted: "Dunk of the Year!! @blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!! Wow!! I guess I'm #2 now. Move over #6.

Outspoken unemployed wide receiver Terrell Owens tweeted: "OMG!!! OMG!!! Who just saw the dunk by @blakegriffin on Kendrick Perkins?!! That dude is a beast!!"

That's just a few of the many, many tweets. People are probably still tweeting about it. 

Anyway, check it out -- 

J. Kingston
Josh is a resident of Houston, Texas, but due to constant humidity and lack of public transportation, pretends he lives in Chicago like when he was a child.

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