Best Pro Mascots

In preparation for the 2012 baseball season and the NBA All-Star game, we here at Lava Tickets have compiled a list of the best mascots in professional sports. Bask in the glory of rally time.

10. Racing Sausages - Milwaukee Brewers (MLB)

These big sausages run around the field, racing each other to the cheers (and jeers) of fans. It has been imitated but never matched. 

9. Jazz Bear - Utah Jazz (NBA)

This little guy is not like any other grizzly bear you've ever met. He's in the Mascot Hall of Fame and has won six awards for charity service... overachiever. 

8. Slider - Cleveland Indians (MLB)

This thing is pink and a little weird. I suppose it's better than having an actual "Indian" as their mascot.

7. Harvey the Hound - Calgary Flames (NHL)

A giant ball of flames? No, the Calgary Flames decided to run with a... hound... to skate around the ice at their home games. 

6. San Diego Chicken or Famous Chicken - San Diego Padres (MLB)

This mascot is so cool, it doesn't even need labels. It's typically not associated with any team, but it's been known to show up at San Diego Padres games more often than not. 

5. Go the Gorilla - Phoenix Suns (NBA)

Yep. The Phoenix Suns have an acrobatic gorilla as their mascot. See picture below.

4. Rally Monkey - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (MLB)

The Rally Monkey gained national notoriety during the Angels' run at the 2002 World Series; though, he was first introduced in the 2000 season during a game between the Angels and San Francisco Giants. Since then, it's stuck around. 

3. Phillie Fanatic - Philadelphia Phillies (MLB)

This is one of the most recognizable mascots in all of sports. I mean, who doesn't know the big green "thing" that runs around in Philadelphia? That's right... no one.

2. Rally Squirrel - St. Louis Cardinals (unofficial - MLB)

This season was pretty epic for the Cardinals. They won the World Series. They rallied all the way there. And they had a new friend help them out. Meet the Rally Squirrel. While not official, the Rally Squirrel does have its own baseball card now.

1. DJ Kitty - Tampa Bay Rays (MLB)

DJ Kitty was originally introduced via YouTube. The video was so successful that the Rays - who are desparate to bring fans to the seats - decided to manifest the DJ Kitty into a real life mascot this season. Time will tell if it's truly successful at bringing the crowds to the ballpark, but until then, just enjoy the view.

J. Kingston
Josh is a resident of Houston, Texas, but due to constant humidity and lack of public transportation, pretends he lives in Chicago like when he was a child.

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